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Kerkom brewery :
a word from a beer specialist

By Pierre Zuber, - (Category : Tasting)

KERKOM brewery is one of a few fairly new Belgian breweries that found the right mix between respecting the Belgian-style brewing tradition (not just enhancing their worldwide fame) and innovating with modern hand-crafted recipes whilst redeveloping the brewery in order to comply with up-to-date regulations:


Bink Bloesem: Fruit beers in Belgium are traditionnally produced from spontaneous fermented beers (lambics) or mixed-fermented beers (Flemish old red/brown). KERKOM's location being in another part of Belgium (Limburg's Haspengouw - Flanders' orchard) they brew this seasonal beer (spring- and summer-time) with natural flavoured honey and pearsyrup (local specialty) from their own region and, in this case, based on a top-fermented beer. It makes it a wonderfully balanced, fruity, sweet, malty (5 malts) & yet dry enough beer with its flavourful bitter hop and can be therefore served as an ideal aperitif- or desert-drink.


Bink Blond: KERKOM is a farm-house brewery and many of them brew a special batch called "Saison" in the Hainaut province (Southern Wallonia) that used to be served, in the days before the industrial revolution, to the seasonal workers hired during the harvest season. Therefore and like others in the "Saison style" Bink Blond is a low-alcool beer (5%) with a clean dry-bitter taste (use of 2 hop varieties) making it a thirst quencher and a very pleasant "session beer". Goes also well with poultry, veal and fish in white sauce and most cheeses.


Adelardus Dubbel & Tripel: To honour the former local Abbey of Sint-Truiden and its towers the city's council asked KERKOM brewery to produce a couple of beers. The brewmaster created two recipes respecting the tradition and the philosophy of Abbey beers: Both beers are top-fermented, unpasteurized and bottle-conditionned. Also he reintroduced a very old tradition by adding a mix of herbs and spices called "Gruut" to the recipe of his beers making them complex and interesting enough to enjoy and savour on their own. The "Dubbel" (7%) is a richer, sweeter dark-brown beer with its selection of 5 malts and brown sugar. Ideal with chocolate (based desserts), blue cheeses or as an after dinner drink. The "Tripel" (9%) is a stronger, dryer golden-amber beer. To savour with caramelized fruit desserts and medium-hard cheeses.


Pierre is the owner of "Délices & Caprices" (rue des Bouchers 68, 1000 Brussels).
It is a shop, located in the heart of Brussels, selling mostly to individuals Belgian ales and beer-related produces (beer spirits, monk wines...).
People can come there for advice (beer and food-pairing,...), to discover new beers, breweries, trends etc...
Customers can also come round and enjoy a beer and savour a selection of cheese, ham,... with their drink.
The shop has been running for 18 years, by Pierre Zuber who is a Swiss-born living in Belgium for about 30 years.