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De Leite : A word from Pierre

By Pierre Zuber, 2014-04-21 (Tasting)

The story of the De Leite brewery could be the one of many new artisanal breweries that we've seen lately pop-up in Belgium and across the world too.
But when Luc Vermeersch decided to commercialize his beers;he not only asked fellow-brewers' help but also wanted his brewery to be part of a larger project. Therefore he included family members(w...

Belgoo : a word from Pierre

By Pierre Zuber, 2014-03-14 (Tasting)

There are international industrial groups, there are large beer factories, there are medium-sized beer companies,  there are family-owned breweries, there are also craft breweries and then there's...Jo Van Aerts, the "one-man brewery"!!...  

Jo followed evening classes at a beer school in Brussels, became a h...

Herberg : a word from Pierre

By Pierre Zuber, 2014-02-18 (Tasting)

Bart Devillé is someone you could describe as a superhuman:
Music lover Bart learnt to manufacture stringed-instruments but soon noticed it was difficult to make a living out of his passion especially when you have a large family to bring up as he does... So he became a professional tiler instead but never quite gave up on his love for mu...

Silenrieux Brewery : A word from a beer specialist

By Pierre Zuber, 2014-01-20 (Tasting)

Silenrieux brewery is located within touching distance from the shores of the "Lac de l'Eau d'Heure", a vast recreational park attended on weekends and Holiday periods by young families  and nature-lovers.

It comes then as no surprise that this small brewery's attached to a family-friendly café (w...

Ecaussinnes brewery : A word from a beer specialist

By Pierre Zuber, 2013-12-11 (Tasting)

Hugues Van Poucke, an electronic-engineer, is a dynamic Belgian entrepreneur and a shrewd business man with respect also towards heritage. 

When over 10 years ago he and his wife, Isabel, decided to set-up a brewery they chose the Hainaut region in South Wallonia famous for its many artisana...

Belgian Beer glasses ?

By Lucia., 2013-12-05 (Tasting)

Kerkom brewery :
a word from a beer specialist

By Pierre Zuber, 2013-10-01 (Tasting)

KERKOM brewery is one of a few fairly new Belgian breweries that found the right mix between respecting the Belgian-style brewing tradition (not just enhancing their worldwide fame) and innovating with modern hand-crafted recipes whilst redeveloping the brewery in order to comply with up-to-date regulations: